Easy spring crafts for adults


Crafts are a great way to pass time in the spring, and embrace the changes of the season, decorate your home, etc. Here are a few and easy spring crafts for adults.
Spring Wreath
A wreath is a great spring craft. It makes a wonderful bit of home decor, and can be a lot of fun to make. You will proudly display your wreath on your door, and tell everyone that you made it yourself.
What you need:
A wicker wreath Artificial spring flowers Ribbon Hot glue gun Spring wooden cutouts
For this craft you will want to arrange your artificial flowers around the wicker wreath. You can pick a wicker wreath up at a basic craft store. You will use a hot glue gun to attach the artificial flowers about the wreath. Then, you can paint some wooden cutouts, and attach them as well. Make a big bow to attach at the top of the wreath. If you want to make it very spring looking, then attach colored eggs, in a little nest in the wreath opening. There are a lot of ways to dress up your wreath, and make it very cute and fun! Use your creativity.
Flowerpot animals
This is an easy spring crafts for adults that involve using a flowerpot, which is a basic item for springtime. For this craft, you will want to first decide what animal you want to make.
What you need:
Paint in the color of the animal (pink for a pig, black for a cow, etc.) Wooden ball Flowerpot Felt Hot glue Wiggle eyes Ribbon
Start by painting the flowerpot, all pink if you want a pig pot. Paint the ball as well. Then glue on the wiggle eyes, and paint on other features, based on what kind of animal you are making. Use felt to cut out ears, and glue them to the side of the wooden ball. Use ribbon to tie a cute bow around the neck of the cow/pig, or whatever animal you made.
This is a fun activity, and they make great home decor.
What you need:
Spring colored felt Pipe cleaner Wiggle eyes Craft jewels Glue Ribbon
The first step is to making this craft is to cut out butterfly shapes from your felt. Then, cut out a centerpiece to glue down the center. Use the pipe cleaner to make butterfly antennas, twist it to shape it the right way. Then, glue on the wiggle eyes, and decorate the felt to make your butterfly pretty. You are then going to want to glue some ribbon to the back of the butterfly so that you can hang it from the ceiling, or on your doorknob, or bedpost, or wherever to make your home look more like a spring garden.